October 9th, 2008

This week for class we watched “Glory.” It is about the 54th Massachusettes Regiment in the Civil War. They were an all black regiment. I thought the movie was good, but it is not something I would sit down and watch for fun one afternoon. For a movie based on actual letters there are several things they got wrong. Cary Elwes’ character is made up and all of the black characters are stereotypical. Robert Gould Shaw had to be persuaded to take the job as the captain and he was the one to tell the soldiers they should refuse pay until they were paid an equal amount. The battles and uniforms appeared acurate and the final assualt on Fort Wagner was right. They did lose almost half of their men including Captain Shaw and he was buried in a common grave with the rest of the men. However they did not volunteer to lead the charge on the fort. My biggest problem with the story is that the characters were wrtiien in such a way that I didn’t connect with them and become invested in their outcome. It was one of those stories where you and sit and watch it til the end to find out what happens but you don’t care because the characters haven’t drawn you in.


September 4th, 2008

Today we discussed Disney’s film Pocahontas. We talked about what Disney got right. We talked about what Disney got wrong. Professor Mcclurken ranted on the evils of Disney. At the end of the day my love for Disney remained. I am not saying Disney is right I know that is it not but I still love their movies anyway. However, in all of our discusions today, I think people forgot that Disney wasn’t trying for historical accuracy, they were trying to make a move that would entertain people kids especially and they wanted to make money. They never claim to be accurate and if you look at their advertising they are all about the”magic.” If this movie had been historically accurate there would have been no Disney “magic” that people know and love. I think it is sad that people use Disney as the only tool to teach with because I believe it can teach somethings as long as it is made clear that they are not totally right. I also think anyone who goes to see a Disney movie and expects to learn all about a particular place and/or time has other problems that have nothing to do with Disney.