Today we discussed Disney’s film Pocahontas. We talked about what Disney got right. We talked about what Disney got wrong. Professor Mcclurken ranted on the evils of Disney. At the end of the day my love for Disney remained. I am not saying Disney is right I know that is it not but I still love their movies anyway. However, in all of our discusions today, I think people forgot that Disney wasn’t trying for historical accuracy, they were trying to make a move that would entertain people kids especially and they wanted to make money. They never claim to be accurate and if you look at their advertising they are all about the”magic.” If this movie had been historically accurate there would have been no Disney “magic” that people know and love. I think it is sad that people use Disney as the only tool to teach with because I believe it can teach somethings as long as it is made clear that they are not totally right. I also think anyone who goes to see a Disney movie and expects to learn all about a particular place and/or time has other problems that have nothing to do with Disney.

One response to “Pocahontas”

  1. areed says:

    I must argue with what Dr. McClurken said in class today about Pocahontas being portrayed as dependent on a man? If I heard that right, I must returned to my Wiki rant about all the amazing qualities Disney’s Pocahontas embodied. One of the most obvious was her clear independence, her strong-will, her ability to weigh duty against desire, and I am pretty sure I can go on. A man never TOLD her to do anything in that movie. She did consider the opinions of others around her on occasion though. The point being: whether this was the true Pocahontas, the character portrayed in this film is an empowering role model for girls and women alike. I’d go as far to say that she is actually the best Disney character to represent Feminist Ideals.